How to import Sticky Notes from Windows 7 to Windows 10

To convert old Sticky Notes StickyNotes.snt data file to the new Sticky Notes plum.sqlite format do the following:

1. On your Windows 7 machine go to: 

    %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes

2. Copy StickyNotes.snt to a network location or USB drive, somewhere you can access it on the Windows 10 machine.

3. On your Windows 10 machine, close Sticky Notes.

4. Now open Settings > Apps > Sticky Notes > Advanced Options. Press the Reset button. The app will be reset to default.

5. Do not open Sticky Notes app now. Instead, open File Explorer and navigate to the following folder: 


NOTE: If the Legacy folder does not exist, you will need to create this folder here in the LocalState folder and then place the StickyNotes.snt file from your older Windows system here in the Legacy folder. Hopefully, you will have copied or backed up this StickyNotes.snt file from your earlier system.

6. Copy Stickynotes.snt the legacy folder and rename it to ThresholdNotes.snt

7. Now start the Sticky Notes app. The data in the .snt file will be automatically transferred to a new .sqlite data file.

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